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Ronald Colman and Isabel Jewell in A Tale of Two Cities, 1935


Ronald Colman in Lady Windermere’s Fan, 1925


Walter Pidgeon, Greer Garson and Ronald Colman at the 15th Academy Awards, 1943


Happy Birthday Ronald Charles Colman (February 9, 1891 - May 19, 1958)

I never knew anybody to have more beautiful manners. He was kind and gentle, very friendly and sweet. - May McAvoy

Ronald Colman knew more about acting for the camera than any actor I worked with.
- George Cukor

No one, not even Douglas Fairbanks, could match Ronald Colman’s screen close-ups. They were marvellous because he had a beautiful face, and because he had a deep but gentle masculinity: the ideal of the dark Englishman. - Laurence Olivier

Ronnie became not just an actor for me, but a way of life.
- Vincent Price

He doesn’t need cloaks and swords and horses and big old lances or anything to be romantic, he’s just a wonderfully romantic person. - Greer Garson

He was the greatest actor I have ever known. He knew exactly what to do and was letter-perfect when he did it. - John Ford


Ronald Colman in The Rescue, 1929

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Merle Oberon | 40/50


Ronald Colman photographed by Ross Verlag, 1920s


Make It Relaxed With Patch Pockets.

Charles Boyer and Ronald Colman.